A while ago, we revamped the website for Porto Fiscardo and Zavalata self catering holiday apartments and recently we received a request from them to use a currency converter on their rates page. After testing a couple of options, we found that Curry – Currency conversion Drop down menu was perfect for the task. Curry is a self contained, (almost) self generated currency converter for many different currencies.

By default Curry uses the currency conversion figures found at Yahoo finance. Curry uses yql and you can see a live example of the exact code here.
You can supply your own currency rates via an object where the key is the currency name and the value is a number to use for the conversion.
Curry can also be used interchangeably with

The setup is really simple


There are various options including changing the base rate, adding your own currency symbols and changing the source of the currency data.


 You can see our implementation at
Happy coding!
Digital marketing tips

What is digital marketing?

Well, simply put, digital marketing is a means of promoting and optimizing one’s business using the internet. You see, with the increasing popularity of online content, magazines and newspapers have slowly descended into antiquation. This has therefore had a major impact on the dynamics of the marketing world as placing an advert in the local newspaper is no longer the most effective way to gain prospective customers. So what is the most effective way? How does someone utilize the internet to promote their business? Well these 6 tips will explain exactly how.

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